Estate Litigation


Defending Estate Claims Through Litigation

No matter how much time and effort you put into planning and managing your estate, disagreements can arise between parties, including heirs, beneficiaries, and fiduciaries — especially when the estate in question includes significant amounts of money, or when family members do not get along. In ideal circumstances these disagreements can be resolved through negotiation or arbitration, but some disputes can only be settled through litigation.

At Walker & Reed, P.C., our estates litigation attorneys provide legal assistance in initiating complaints and modifying existing trusts in the San Francisco Bay Area and across Northern California. We'll help you meet important deadlines and file the appropriate documents according to the unique rules of California's probate court system.

Modify Or Terminate Your Trust

Even routine legal actions can be delayed or derailed by small details, so an experienced lawyer is essential when filing a petition in probate court or submitting other legal documents.

We can also help you modify or terminate an existing trust. For instance, we can help you add or remove trustees and beneficiaries, or modify the schedule on which a trust's assets are disbursed. Additionally, our lawyers can confirm the validity of wills and trusts in California.

Manage Your Legacy With Confidence

Your trust is your legacy, and careful management now can help protect the assets you leave from your heirs' creditors, or from beneficiaries with more money management skills.





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